Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall-inspired necklace

In my country we often call this time of the year "the golden autumn", because of all the colors related to it.

However, it is the perfect moment to collect different natural materials. We had a chance to spend some time in nature, and we brought home a bag full of acorns. Since many of their caps were connected, one to each other, they were ideal for making our today's craft - the autumn necklace.

The idea was born in a moment, and my girls soon had these unusual necklaces:

Very simple, isn't it? Try it yourself!

Need more ideas what to do with natural materials in the fall? Look for some great ideas at our fall-related Pinterest board.

It's Fall Y'all 2013

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Children paint - part 2

My little artists really adore painting ..... especially since mum found numerous ways to make colors in her own kitchen. We have already showed you how we made some paint out of flour, salt, yogurt and water , and in the meantime we also tried some new ways:

1. Ice colors

A little bit of water, some food coloring and a lot of patience until it all freezes over (this last ingredient is the most difficult to get). Super refreshing on hot summer days!

2. Liquid chalk

Cornstarch, food coloring and water are all you need for this fun way of painting. We had a small container in which we were preparing it, so we used one tablespoon of cornstarch, two tablespoons of water and a few drops of food coloring.

You can paint with a brush, or you can use your hands, and it's great and if you leave these colors in the sun, because when the water evaporates, you get the classic chalk, but irregularly shaped.

The photos are lousy, I know, but we did it on the day with a strong wind, so we had to hunt the stuff in our backyard, and unfortunately there was no time for taking many photos.

Let the play begin!

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