Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Welcome to Propwash Junction

Both of my girls really aren't into princesses and all that other girly stuff. Especially the Older, she will always choose a toy car rather than a doll. Since lately she is obsessed with flying, and was pretty much impressed by the both Disney Planes movies, it was really easy to choose a theme for her 5th birthday:

She was thrilled to be included in the preparations: 

The girls were happy and really engaged, they insisted for these muffin baskets to become crowns (ok, we do have to have some girlish stuff after all, but in their special way):

We used popsicle sticks to make these little toy planes:

Because of bad weather we had to change the venue and the celebration was held at our place, so these signs may not be effective as planned:

The gifts for our little guests were coloring pages with the Planes motives and some crayons:

The food also had aeroplane motives: 

The cake was made by my sister. Pretty impressing, ha? She made blue fondant representing sky and white clouds on it and we've put two Dusty figurines on the top of  the cake:

And the party lasted until late in the evening......


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