Monday, February 9, 2015

Hearty Valentine's crafts

Heart-shaped activities are something that my kids absolutely adore, and they start making them as soon as we undecorate the Christmas tree. In one of the previous posts you  have already seen some of our hearty crafts, and this year we have a few completely new ones:

1. Simple Valentine's garland

This cheerful heart-shaped garland was made ​​in the same way as the one with Easter eggs. We cut out the cardboard hearts, and glued colorful pieces of collage paper on them:

 When everything was dry, it looked like this:

In the end we hung the hearts on a decorative ribbon and had a colorful decoration for The Hearty  day, as my girls call the Valentine's day:

2. Pen decorations

In a post about pipe cleaners' crafts, you have already seen how easily they are shaped into a heart, so we put them on different pens as a decoration:

3. Heart-shaped wax crayons

I won't pretend this is my idea, since it's been spreading along Pinterest way back before I joined it.

We have collected the remains of wax crayons and sorted them in a silicone mold which we then heated in a microwave oven, at the strongest temperature for about 8 minutes.

It was quite hot when it was over, so we left it to cool before removing from the mold:

This is how they looked like on the bottom side:

The Older quickly noticed that the hearts lined up in this way really remind her of trefoil, which can be a great St. Patrick's Day craft:

4. Hearts with bottle caps and buttons

These hearts were made ​​in the same way as our bottle caps Christmas tree. We sorted them in a heart shape and then used a glue gun:

5. Heart shaped cookies

We also made some heart-shaped biscuits, but they quickly disappeared and we only have this picture from an early phase of their preparation:

If you need more inspiration, see our Valentine's board on our Pinterest profile.

I wish all of you to have a lot of hearty crafts and warms hugs in each of the next 365 days, not only on February the 14th ;)


Thursday, January 1, 2015

DIY Christmas ornaments

Happy New year everyone! I know Christmas was last week, so I am definitely late with this post, but it can be a great craft with kids on this lazy day....

I was planning to have our Christmas tree set on the floor, unlike past few years, which it spent high on the shelf. That's why I wanted to have some decorations made from paper and plastics, so it wouldn't be easy to break them.

We played again with bottle caps. This is something very simple - just connect two caps using washi tape and then attach some decorative ribbon:

This craft is great because kids can easily make them, eventually they will need some help with binding ribbons, which can be a great fine-motor activity:


Our mailbox these days is literally cluttered with advertising leaflets, so we turned them into something more appealing. 

With the help of the round cover, we draw circles around nice photos:

We also used one of our old workbooks, with popular cartoon characters:

After it, we made small cones and attached them to each other:

About halfway over, we've inserted a decorative ribbon (I forgot to take photos of this step) and so, cone after cone, we created this beautiful ornament, which really reminds me of those old-fashioned Christmas tree ornaments:

However, we didn't set our tree on the floor, it was on the shelf again, just to be on the safe side. We used these paper ornaments as decorations all over the house, since we made a whole bunch of them. 

What kind of ornaments you had this year? I'd like to see the photos of your tree and Christmas decorations! 

I wish you all a pleasant and a peaceful holiday season with lots of crafts and play!

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