Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 summer fun ideas

Finally we have beautiful weather which comes with a whole range of ideas for great outdoor entertainment and summer fun:

1. A Sea Mermaid

One plastic bottle, a piece of a potato sack (similar to our Merida greeting card ), a few sea shells, some green paper and markers for drawing faces. Quickly and easily we got a mermaid:

2. Beach in a bottle

If after making a mermaid, you stil have some sea shells left, add some sand and make this nice shelf decoration:

3. Pool noodles

We used them for everything but the swimming:

4. Homemade bubbles

The kids really love to blow soap bubbles, however, they quickly spill the liquid, so it is good to know that you can prepare it yourself, from the ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

5. Homemade children paint

This is something my kids particularly like and we've come up with several ways of homemade paint:

After you've prepared some of these homemade colors, let the kids paint on a canvas (actually an old sheet in our case):

7. Boats in various ways

It does not matter if you are far away from the sea, you can still make sea toys. Bucket of water is just enough large for these sweet boats to sail:

8. DIY kite

Great for windy days ... and  in almost no time. See here for a tutorial.

9. Homemade play dough

This always turns out to be a very messy play, so I insist on for this to be an outdoor activity. However, the homemade play dough is much easier to clean up than the store bought one. See here for our recipe.

10. Moon dough

Very similar, but yet so different from play dough. Only two ingredients (again from your kitchen) and a lot of "messy" fun:

I wish all of you to have a great summer, fulfilled with kids fun!

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