Kids fun

Summer activities

Pool noodles - for swimming or for playing?

One simple thing - so many great ways of using. Is there a better material for children crafts?

 DIY kite

I'm sure you already have all the materials needed for a homemade kite.

Children paint - DIY

Educational activities

DIY Geoboard  

Simple finger puppets

You'll make them in less than 10 minutes and children can learn about the connection between feelings and a facial expression. 

Everyday activities

Homemade puppet theatre

So simple, but so fun!

A cardboard laptop

Easy to make and it can prevent kids from pounding on your laptop:

A fishing game

Seems complicated, but it's really very simple to make:

Playing with bottle caps

Learn different colours, make a memory game, or practice fine motor skills.

Cardboard drums

Want to make drums, but don't like the noise? Use some cardboard!

Entertaining kids while you are cooking

Because children like to spend time in the kitchen.

Encouraging children to read and to love books

Includes a list of some great picture books.

Rapunzel made out of a potato sack


Once upon a time there were three little pigs

Telling the story and making a theater play out of it.

Looking for some Christmas fun for kids? 


Activities from the advent calendar are listed below:

Winter activities

Fun in the snow

Let's paint in the snow and feed the birds. 


5 ways to make a snowman

You don't necessarily need the snow to make a snowman.

  Easter activities

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