Friday, September 12, 2014

Baloon yo-yo

Yes, the weather is awful these days and we mostly spend our free time in the house, but what can we do? Apart from grumbling how everything is ugly and gray, we can have fun. And that's exactly what we do.

For a last few days we are having fun with this yo-yo made out of a plain balloon:

It was super easy to make them.  We poured some water in the balloon, as much as it was possible, then we inflated them and tied a knot. We've added several rubber bands and the fun started immediately. Girls were so delighted with the new toy that I barely managed to take any photos.

I found a tutorial in which a balloon can be filled with rice or beans, but somehow I do not want to teach kids to play with food, so that's why we decided to fill it with water.

How do you have fun in this rainy weather? Do you make some toys with your kids? Or are you more fond of cartoons, apps and video games?

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