Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday party theme: the Lightning McQueen and the others from Radiator Springs

I am preparing my daughter's third birthday (yes, daughter's!) She is a great fan of the Cars cartoon, so it was not very difficult to choose the party theme.

My good friend Google :) gave me lots of ideas how to turn our backyard into a small version of Radiator Springs.  

I like the following ideas since they do not require a lot of effort, time or money. If you are preparing a similar party I believe you will find these links very useful:

Activities for kids  

Coloring pages
Coloring pages no.

I have been thinking of doing this culinary creation as well, but unfortunately the local shops don't have marshmallows.

"The best neighbor in the world" will bring us the Lightning McQueen cake done by this recipe . If I manage to find enough time, I'll make cardboard cars, made ​​in this way . I'm counting on the help from one preschool teacher;), hopefully she won't mind doing some overtime work.  :) There is a simpler version available as well.

Since I expect that some of our little guests do not share our enthusiasm and joy with cars, I am also preparing some car-free activities:  

Huge bubbles 
Boats out of Styrofoam 

Pool with balls 

I also had an idea to fill the pool with water, but as I am not sure whether all the mothers will accept it well, I decided to go with a safer version and fill it with colorful small balls. I am aware the balls will end up lying everywhere around the garden, but the main point is that children have fun, isn't it?

How did it go? I'll let you know after the celebration. ;) With a bunch of photos, of course. (EDIT: see here)

P.S. Since we do not celebrate the birthday on the exact date, and in order for the special date not to pass unnoticed, I will be preparing a special birthday breakfast .

P.P.S see here for more photos and descriptions how it all turned out

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