Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pipe cleaner crafts

This is a story of how smoking accessories came into our non-smoking home and became a very popular toy. Of course, I'm talking about pipe cleaners and this is how we played with them:

First we made some nice jewelry  - a bunch of colorful bracelets:

We also made a crown, but unfortunately didn't take photos of it. However, it will be a part of our homemade carnival costume, so we'll take some shots very soon.

We also made some Valentine's crafts: 

The Older remembered the paper chains we made as an activity from our advent calender, and wanted to do something similar with pipe cleaners:

And in the end she made "a pipe cleaners hill": 

We Made That

Glitter, Glue & Paint


  1. Cute ideas!

    We love pipe cleaners but usually just put beads on them! Thanks for inspiring me to try more with them!

  2. beads are great idea, too! haven't tried it yet, so thanks for giving us an idea for some of the future posts


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