Thursday, March 21, 2013

Homemade playdough

Did you know that playdough can easily and quickly be made in your own kitchen? All you need is some flour, salt, water, oil and citric acid and edible colors (available in all major stores).

Of course, the store-bought playdough is not very expensive, so we can't actually talk on saving money with it, but since my toddler still puts everything in her mouth, I'm more happy (and more calm) with this kind of playdough. And another HUGE advantage of it is the fact it can be easily cleaned up after the play, just let it dry and clean it with a plain broom, it won't stick to floor, like the store-bought playdough does.

The required quantity of ingredients for homemade playdough: 

20 oz* of flour
5.2. oz* of salt
1.6 oz* of citric acid
0.02 gallons* of oil
0.13 gallons* of water
edible color - the type and quantity of your choice. 

*Note: originally I have used milliliters and grams, since we use the metric system in Europe, but I have recalculated it for you. Here is a great calculator for doing so.  

While waiting for the mixture of water, oil and edible colors to boil, mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl. Kids will really enjoy if you let them to participate:

When the liquid boils, add the remaining ingredients and stir constantly until the mixture gains desired density. The absolutely best thing about this type of playdough is the fact that nothing can go wrong. If it's too sticky, just add flour, if it's too thick, just add some water. 

Allow it to cool (this is the worst part for the kids) and  you can start playing!

If you do not like the smell of it, you can add something that smells nice, for example, we use cinnamon, but you can use the vanilla sugar as well.

As you can see from the picture below, we managed to get a significant amount of playdough (the volume of the red container is 2 liter). 

Cake tins, empty plastic  candy boxes or from advent calendars - all that will make excellent additions to the game, and will also be a gret, creative way of recycling

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  1. Nice to have the reassurance that if any goes in her mouth, you know exactly what is in it. I had no idea homemade playdough had citric acid in it.
    Thanks so much for sharing at my Real Family Fun link party.
    Hope to see you again next week.

  2. I was said the citric acid was added in order to preserve it naturally for a while.

  3. Hanging out in your house looks fun! I love all the crafts!


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