Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bottle caps Christmas tree

While lightning the first Advent candle, we have started a new series of activities from our Advent calendar. It's the same one we made ​​two years ago and still serves us well.

Originally I saw the idea with paper plates, but as I don't usually buy paper plates for our birthday parties, I knew that it will not work for us in exactly that way, but I immediately remembered on all those bottle caps we passionately collect. Since the kids don't play with our bottle caps memory game any more, it was time to upcycle them.

The girls really liked this activity, and again we have learned a lot. I gave them a box with caps in various colors and let them choose only those in green colour. Here is when my Older had a great idea of putting a yellow cap on top which would be a star. After it, they were forming the caps by adding one more cap comparing to the previous row, and in that way they could practice their counting skills. I used hot glue for each cap (and fairly well burned my fingers).

We were still practicing with the first, so it didn't turned very neat and fancy:

 But the second one was so much better: 

 Never mind that not all stickers had a Christmas theme, the little hands were having so much fun:

If you need more ideas for Christmas activities, take a look at our "Christmas fun for kids" Pinterest board. We are planning to try out most of the ideas during this year's Advent.


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