Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review of a book “A simpler season” by Jessica Fisher

I was honored by the great opportunity to read a new e-book “A simpler season”, by Jessica Fisher, before it was published, and especially that I was invited to make an honest review of it. 

However, I suppose the author won’t be very happy with my review since I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, AND AGREE WITH IT IN EVERY SINGLE WORD (you know how the writers are, always over-critical to themselves).

I intend to follow her advices these holidays, since her point of view is so close to mine – I am the one of those weirdoes who tries to put an emphasis on the spiritual and not the material side of Christmas, I always feel left out when I try suggesting people to skip giving gifts this year. If I had been writing a similar-themed book, I would have written many sentences she had used, and I must say I have never met her, since I live in the opposite part of the world.

 I mean, how can I not love it when she quotes Grinch:
“Maybe Christmas does not come from a store
Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more”
Now, for the first time ever, I find that green fellow Grinch to be actually nice.

If you are fond of making plans, you will love the part when she suggests you to have a plan about holidays, and various printables she provided will be of much use to you. On the contrary, if you’re not a planning geek, you may consider it, after reading her pro-planning arguments.

Speaking about printables, it is great that “A simpler season” was released as an e-book, meaning you can print it over and over again and use it for many years, since she offers many planners, board games, gift tags and so on.

She offers practical ideas and solutions to many problems and situations which occur during holidays – for example, dealing with a complicated family situation in a way no one gets hurt or feels left out.
Inside the book you can also find many great holiday recipes, the ones that have been a tradition in her family and may become your own tradition.
I would end this post with her own conclusion – “In reality, we can enjoy more with a lot less.” 

P.S. Interested in buying this e-book? You can do it here or on Amazon.

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