Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More homemade toys

We were absent from the blogosphere for a while now- we were quite busy - our family has one new member, a cute little boy, almost three months old, and we did three rounds of chickenpox which meant being stucked in the house for six weeks and so we were forced to think of many boredom busters, meaning a lot of new ideas and games.

One of them is this box which can be used for distinguishing colors and fine motor development for toddlers. Originally, it was just an empty box of cornflakes, which I turned upside down, poked some holes in it (that was the hardest part because I didn't have a scalpel) and decorated them with some washi tape. As we were out of a blue tape, the Younger simply colored it:

We collected many bottle caps, in various colors and started sorting it:


However, in the end, the girls really enjoyed in simple mess making:

All in all, it was one less boring rainy afternoon ....

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  1. Funny how mess-making is always a popular activity! At least they were busy though. I love the box you made :)

  2. What an ingenious idea. I think this is a really great way to use what you have without spending a lot of money. My kid is 8 now, but I have to remember this for other friends with younger kids. Great idea!



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