Thursday, January 3, 2013

Activities from the Advent calendar - the fourth week

Delicious food and gathering all the family and friends ... Holidays  were just as they should be, despite the Older still had a fever on Christmas Eve. Unlike last week , this week we've managed to find some time for crafts.

24th of December - decorating Christmas tree and listening to Christmas carols

We recently attended a great Christmas concert for kids where we bought a CD with Christmas carols - "Jingle Bells" turned out to be the absolute hit of the day.

25th and 26th of December - holidays ....


The menu was rich, despite the recession. Ever since I can remember, my family has never saved on food.... recipes coming soon!

27th of December - the exhibition of toys and funicular ride


Our plan was to visit the exhibition of vintage toys in the local museum, but unfortunately we had the wrong information about its working hours, so we were too late to enter it. Fortunately, the exhibition runs until May so we'll see it some other time.  

We also took the kids on their first funicular ride. After it, we went for a walk in the city center decorated with Christmas lights. It is such a magic experience - lights, candles, decorated trees .... and Gluhwein for adults ;)

28th December - recycling plastic yogurt cups


I finally got a glue gun and we made this cute little snowman:

So, I pasted the yoghurt cups with a glue gun (definitely a job for an adult, because the glue is heated to 200 Celsius degrees). The Older painted its hat, face and buttons. We are into snowmen these days, probably because of the immense amount of snow in December, which melted too soon.

These are supposed to be little Christmas trees, but we couldn't manage to put a star on top:

We piled cups one on the other, painted them in green by using temperas. After they dried completely, we decorated them with stickers. Very easy and perfect for younger children. The one on the right was made by the Older. While we were making it, I was thinking it would look much nicer if we used acrylic paints, but it is not something appropriate for children.

29th December - a failed craft

These balloons supposed to be string Christmas decorations, but something definitely went wrong. Except that the string kept untying, I think I should have diluted the glue (I used a glue similar to Mod Podge).... So you can learn from my mistakes.

We also made a nice decoration out of pine cones. It is currently drying so you can expect photos very soon .

30th December - we begin preparing for New Year's Eve

We expect a lot of little guests and preparing them with various fun activities. See here for a couple of New Year's ideas , and we will put ours in one of the next posts.


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful December month!! It's great doing things with the family

    1. Yes, we definetly had! The kids were sick for a while and hubby was doing a lot of overtime, but we managed to have fun...

  2. Jingle bells was a huge hit at our house this year. My daughter is still singing it. I really love the yogurt cup snowman!

    1. I remember my little brother at the age of 5, when he put Jingle Bells CD in a player, and tuned it at maximum. What was more funny, it was a middle of July :)


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