Friday, October 19, 2012

Cardboard boxes as a toy cupboard

We have had a little kitchen as my girl's favorite toy for some time now, and they have accumulated a remarkable collection of dishes. Therefore, our little kitchenette became too small to store it all, so when I saw this idea , I immediately knew what will be my next craft. I made my own, simpler version. I just took the boxes in which I get groceries delivered (I have already blogged about these boxes) I pasted them with some glue and washi tape. My first result looked like this:

It turned out great for storing dishes and other kitchen-related toys, but aesthetically, it was not appealing enough. When I used scraps of gift wrapping paper, it looked much better.


And here is the final result:

I strongly recommend stiffer cardboard, because the small hands like to hang on the shelves.

Except the background, can you notice some other difference between the first and the last picture? Little hands could not wait for mom to take all her photos, so they were constantly taking dishes off shelves :)      

P.S. I was featured on "My repurposed life", I recommend you to click and take a look on some awesome projects by dear blogging colleagues. 



  1. Thanks, for commenting on my shelving, yours looks much prettier!

    1. Glad you like it and thanks for stopping by!


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