Thursday, October 4, 2012

Herbarium or crafts you can make out of falling leaves

Remember those biology projects involving pressing leaves? Such a project is not necessarily just a homework, it can also be an interesting activity for kids, especially in these early fall days, with October knocking on the door and giving us plenty of material for making leaves' crafts.

It is very simple to make it - collect various leaves, in many colors and shapes, wrap it in paper (newspaper is not exactly the best option because the ink can be transferred onto the leaves) and put it under some heavy books, such as an encyclopedia and leave it to stand like that for at least a week. Children will happily await for the final result. Leaves pressed in this way are suitable for pasting into a notebook, or you can even frame it and get a fantastic fall decoration.

Look at what I have pinned, which other beautiful creations you can make out of fall leaves .

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