Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Organising drawers in a more efficient way

The best tricks are always the simplest. You see them and immediately think: how come I did not think of that?

When I was buying a dresser for the nursery it didn't even cross my mind that the drawers aren't very convenient way of organizing children's clothing. I always need the item on the bottom and then I make such a mess finding it, and I am back at the beginning with the clutter. And then I saw this and organised my drawers in that way.

So, I've reordered T-shirts, they were not folded in the classical way anymore - as a pile, but I folded them vertically, or in a line, one after another. A complicated description, I know. Here's a picture so that everything would be clear to you:

Works for the pants, as well. True, so far I tested it only on the children's clothes, but I believe you can do the same with the adults clothes.

I love it, now I finally match clothes fast, even during the rush hour (meaning while we are preparing for the kindergarten). To be honest, sometimes it is difficult to add new clothes (especially for a freak like me who has an obsessive need to put new things on the end, not the beginning), but the benefits of this organization type are still higher than the disadvantages, so now I fold my clothes only in this way.


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