Thursday, October 11, 2012

The International day of the girl child

Ever since I found out the (female) gender of my two children, I hear about how "it would be nice to have a little boy as well."

Truly the saddest part to me is the fact these comments come mainly from (older) female ladies.
Is it a sign that they were discriminated in life because of their gender, I can't tell, but those comments (in the 21st century!) are very inappropriate, and quite rude, I'd say.

I accidentally stumbled upon this post about how, for the first time this year (yes, the first time!) the world celebrates the Day of a girl child on October 11th, so I'm writing on this occasion.

I have been having numerous arguments with people around me regarding this issue (and I do live in urban area!) I even started a discussion on a local forum , in which I could see how many parents of girls also faced with such prejudices. Does it really matter, I ask you? Today, when there is no separate entrance to a school building (take a ride along Draskovic Street in Zagreb, Croatia, and you will see that anachronism on the building of a primary school). Luckily, that is left in the past.
Today, when it is a normal thing that women are highly educated, employed, drive all types of motor vehicles and even fly into space, does it really matter is it a boy or a girl?


But apparently there are individuals in whose minds the gender dimension is The thing. Just look at popular cartoons- at the beginning of Lion King 2, Timon and Pumba 2 faint when they hear that Simba had a daughter. In "Lady and the Tramp", Jim Dear jumps with delight when he finds they got a son. However, with their new cartoon, Merida the Brave, Disney definitely abandoned helpless-princesses and princes-who-rescue them philosophy.

To be clear, I'm not a feminist in a way that I have low opinion on men. I am just someone who is aware of the importance of both genders. And we should be here for each other.

Alive and healthy baby. That's only that matters.

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