Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Parents in China can sue their children if they don't visit them

Since the world began, there have been unwanted children. And it is the mere (and a sad) fact that is not affected either by the awareness of modern contraceptive methods, and I doubt that anything will change by introducing health education on which there's so much controversy these days in my country.

And yes, it's sad that things in life turn out so that people who want children often can't have them (nor the complicated administrative procedures about adoption or IVF help them), and those who do not want to, have even more than they can feed or even treat children as some kind of interference or obligation.

I am writing this post after reading an article about how parents in China can sue their children if they don't visit them regularly . All the laws of this world can't fix the parent and child relationship built on poor basis, the one without love, mutual understanding and respect. Declaration of the Rights of the Child has been in force for several decades (actually, more than 50 years), and there are still those who could not care less about it.

My point of view is definitely in the contrary to the traditional one, but I see the fourth commandment of God as a mutual and reciprocal relationship.

Being a parent is one of the most demanding roles in a person's life and it is frustrating if you didn't got into it at a mature age, after completing your schooling, employment and finding a home. But you can't blame a kid for that. I do not write this for making myself a moral authority, but only to remind you of the fact how we treat children today, so they will treat us in the future. Perhaps some believe they are doing their best, but is it really true if you do not respect their wishes? Unreasonable wishes of a toddler, like leaving the house in the middle of a winter without a jacket is not what I have in mind.

I recommend you to watch Merida the Brave and you'll probably understand what I'm talking about.

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  1. Hi told yo that I would visit from SITS, you said a mouth full when you said that raising a child is the most demanding role in one's life! I raised two and now trying to help as much as I can with my grandchildren,
    Come over to my blog and fb page and check me out, there is something for everyone about healthy living.
    Happy connecting!!


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